Paul Nebosky

Native of:  South Deerfield, Massachusetts

Background:  Paul has worked in the orthopedics industry since 2001 and at SITES Medical since 2006 in the role of Senior Engineer.  During this time, bone and tissue scaffolds have been a focus of his work, with the development of OsteoSync™ Ti, our proprietary porous titanium scaffold technology as a highlight. Apart from scaffold development, Paul played a key role in carrying out the design work to apply OsteoSync to specific implants and different substrate materials, and he has compiled and written the majority of the OsteoSync Ti FDA Master File. He has also worked in other areas of orthopedic research and development.

Paul’s creative chops are evidenced by his 20 patents and more than 30 patent applications covering bone and tissue scaffolds, soft tissue fixation implants, temporary orthopedic implants, bone screws, and implants that deliver medicine to treat conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, and infection. The patents apply to the full range of orthopedic sub-specialties.

Paul graduated from the University of Notre Dame with BS, MS and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering. When he is not hard at work developing new technologies and implants, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife Kelley and son Zach.

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