SITES Medical offers a full-service manufacturing capability, using state-of-the-art equipment and our deep experience to drive out cost and ensure delivery of the highest quality product. Naturally, we are ISO 13485 certified.

Our manufacturing engineering team has extensive experience with the complete range of equipment that is used to manufacture implants and instruments and with the complete range of products that are manufactured. We like to think we can make anything so bring us your challenges. Of course, we’ll do the more straight-forward products too.

In addressing some manufacturing challenges for our own proprietary technologies as well as for some of our customers we have acquired some specialized equipment such as a laser cutter to cut complex shapes in thin sheets of titanium or cobalt chrome and we have developed a unique solution to protect implant surfaces during factory ultrasonic cleaning and passivation processes to reduce re-work and unnecessary cost. We know these challenges aren’t unique to us, so let us know if we can do some of this work for you.

Sample Manufacturing Projects

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